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Fashion Show – Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear: Christian Dior

default Fashion Show   Fall 2013 Ready to Wear: Christian Dior

Runway, backstage, as well as front-row footage from a Paris show. Watch a Fall 2013 ready-to-wear Christian Dior conform uncover footage from Want more…

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22 Responses to “Fashion Show – Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear: Christian Dior”

  1. dame russell says:

    unfortunately he is in risk of ruining the company…its the lot of
    nothing.. as well as the people being interviewed have been struggling to find
    complimentary comments. Shame as the couple of ‘home truths’ were indispensable earlier.
    The foe is prohibited as well as this is usually luke warm….sorry

  2. Al B says:


  3. hawksandsparrows says:

    not the singular black lady was cast. shameful if im honest

  4. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    Short of ideas is an understatement. Stefano Pilati was beautiful executive
    for YSL, demeanour during what happened to him, nonetheless we consider his work reflected some-more
    on Yves himself, rsther than than what Hedi Slimane is doing. Dior no longer has
    an identity. we do not similar to to sugarine cloak things, we contend it how we see it..

  5. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    ha ha ha.. we do not caring for John Galliano, he’s gone, he’s partial of the
    past. What we hated was the actuality which as shortly as Bill Gaytten staid in,
    the residence gave him the boot! They sabotaged him, they threw him in to the container
    of inspired wolves, to pattern the Couture collection, which might have not been
    worked upon prior to they gave Galliano the boot. All we can say, Gaytten did the
    Fantastic pursuit upon his final collections, contra his 1st piece for one person Couture
    collection. Raf hasn’t wowed..

  6. Ryann Reyes says:

    So most depth.

  7. tictocmm says:

    Same comment could additionally request to a ‘art world’

  8. Lisa Chun says:

    Some pieces were utterly pleasing though a ones with a duck blemish
    drawings was only poor looking..

  9. misterkiller89 says:

    Thing is which morality in a context of “French” conform as well as Dior comes
    across as unapologetically pretended in this day in age. Givenchy,
    Chanel, Lanvin, Valentino- have been formulating a some-more penetrable as well as pointed
    approach to French fashions’ identity. we wish to similar to Raf so bad, as well as it’s
    definitely a step in a right direction, but….

  10. s37106LUCA says:

    his collections have been usually really opposite from Galliano , though which proof
    right ? Galliano is not the usually the single who can pattern for Dior , greatfully , approbation
    you as well as the little alternative Galliano lovers have been insane which he’s left , get over it ,
    Raf is there right away as well as he does his own understand of the residence , as well as idk
    if we review the newspapers though they not long ago all wrote an essay which Dior
    makes some-more distinction upon their haute couture given Raf is beautiful executive
    which seems similar to the great thing no ? stop fussy …

  11. Alexander Campbell says:

    my prime demeanour has to be a oversized red coupler with a black dress
    seeping by a slit

  12. kathyli1310 says:


  13. oldmoviemusic says:

    Yes approbation yes!! What an impactful demeanour – both referencing what Monsieur Dior
    himself did, as well as bringing something latest to a forefront. An glorious uncover
    if we ask me, yet a diseased mark was a drawings upon a dresses.
    Otherwise, beautiful!

  14. wolffenhaus Merry says:

    Fashion. Where no a single says anything any one understands as well as everybody agrees.

  15. elmersglue44 says:

    I cried.

  16. iwasborntobefly says:

    i instruct we folks would leave raf alone.

  17. afaf233 says:

    one word….dull as well as boring

  18. s37106LUCA says:

    Raf does operate a repository city slicker , that’s what he has been claiming all a
    time given he was during Dior , as well as what’s wrong with a superchic knitwear he
    did in this pick up ? it’s strange as well as come upon , conform has to pierce upon
    , a knitwear keeps this pick up uninformed since it’s astonishing though it’s
    done in an extraordinary as well as deferential approach !

  19. edgar torres says:

    very dainty

  20. MARIOLANZO says:

    This was bad.

  21. s37106LUCA says:

    there is the disproportion in between someone who creates dresses/a stylist : Bill
    Gaytten as well as the DESIGNER : Raf Simons , keep which in thoughts

  22. Rowan Wagner says:

    i instruct a little of this creativity was represented in dior homme

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